Customized Medicare Planning

We will create a custom plan for you and update the plan as your needs change.  We use the Medicare Plan Finder to assess and review your options, as needed.  We keep up to date with changes in the Medicare Supplement marketplace to make sure you're receiving the plan that meets your healthcare needs at the lowest premiums. 

We are INDEPENDENT, which means we work for YOU, Not any Insurance Company! 

This allows us to recommend and service the plan that meets your needs, not our needs.  We can alert you to changes that can save you money on the care you need at the providers of your choice.  We work for you.

Our service continues as the years pass and your needs change.  We work with you to keep your Medicare Plan up to date and effective.

Other Agents won't do that.   You DESERVE it!   And, this Service is FREE.


Contact us TODAY. 

Even if you're not a client, we will help you understand your options and ensure you get all you're entitled to.

Step 1 - Contact an affiliated, Licensed Agent to receive a Customized Plan

Step 2 - Enroll in a Medicare Health Plan than meets your Needs and Goals

Step 3 - Receive an UPDATED Customized Plan as your needs change

Welcome to a REVOLUTIONARY Improvement to Medicare Planning!

Expert advice from an independent source keeping your Medicare on track through retirement

Until now, Seniors who were new to Medicare faced the difficult task of searching among dozens of Medicare plans to find the right plan for their particular situation.  Most people Turning Age 65, or leaving their Employer's plan, had to "go it alone" to find the plan that met their needs.  At best, they just took the advice from a one-company-agent (you've heard of a One Trick Pony) or their benefits department at work, and hoped it was the best advice.  Worse still, some people go with a plan recommended by a friend or relative, knowing that we all have different MEDICAL NEEDS, see different DOCTORS and SPECIALISTS, and have different PRESCRIPTION DRUG needs.

But, Medicare can be so confusing. Trying to understand all of the options is difficult, it is hard to even know what options are available.

Then, Medicare Plans change EVERY YEAR!  How can you know if it's better to search again (UGH!) or just stick with your current plan.    Or, you find out the hard way-Big Premiums, Big Out of Pocket Expenses, Costly Deductibles, Prescription Drugs that aren't "covered".  Any of these can be stressful financial hardships.